Hello, my name is

Daniel Teshome Bezabih

Your dedicated accountant

About me

As a qualified accountant, I hold a BA degree in Accounting and Finance along with an MA degree in Public Financial Management.

I Will Help You Secure Financial Success with Calculations and strategy.​

With years of experience in accounting, I have honed my skills in comprehending clients’ financial needs while staying up-to-date with the latest industry standards. I have collaborated with various businesses across diverse sectors, assuring you can entrust your financial matters to my expertise.

Starting with a thorough comprehension of your financial needs, followed by strategic planning and meticulous execution, I oversee every aspect of the financial process from inception to completion.

What I do

I excel at creating financial stories that turn numbers into stories, helping you effectively communicate your financial message in a clear and impactful form.

Solving Accounting equation

An effective accounting equation solution is what captures precision and communicates financial clarity. I ensure the calculations are accurate and meticulous in every detail.

Accountant matter

If you are seeking an accountant to take charge of the research and development of your financial strategies, I am a seasoned professional ready to assist you with this endeavor.


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Solving Accounting equation